indigo child

2023-2024 (estimated) | feature 


A doctor amid a mysterious outbreak gets drawn into a maze of deception by two unstable subjects.

Positive coverage by Screencraft and Los Angeles Screenplay Competition

screenplay by
David Leidy
and Greg Paul


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directed by
David Leidy

untitled samurai/thriller feature


More details coming soon ...

screenplay and directed by
David Leidy

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sadie in vivid colors

2023 | feature 


A scientist dies in a freak accident causing her husband to trial a new technology that brings her back via his memories.

screenplay by
Justin Lerner
directed by
David Leidy
produced by
Ace Salvador

coming soon

dark orchid

short film 


Best Fantasy Film Award Winner at An Anti-Hero Production Festival

post production and festival circuit

indigo child universe

undetermined date | suspense series

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 19.48.09.png

When a defense agent gets targeted by his psychic espionage program, he seeks out a mystic he locked up to solve a spellbinding puzzle.

Indigo Child is a suspense/mystery series created by David Leidy and Greg Paul (Seven Devils Conference Winner and National Playwrights Conference Finalist).


Juan Felipe Zuleta helped with early stages of development and may come back on board in the near future for producing. The series is currently out for funding and will be heading toward early production stages this upcoming year.


trance metamorphic

November 2018 | poetry

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 19.50.31.png

Designed to be an experimental journey through myriad souls and beyond, this book shows the candid and uncanny relations of various people in the modern world. 

These are poems that dive into areas mundane, far off and in between. Topics and genres cover anywhere from hyper-metafictional screenplays between a screenwriter and his character, a science fiction story masquerading as poem all the way into metaphysical muses on various hidden phenomena both material and immaterial. 

Book will include original artwork from the author and is now available for preorder.


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ocular drift | through the looking glass of an award winning visual storyteller 

May 2019 | art, film, biography and media tie in

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 15.02.15.png

This book follows four of the surreal, genre blending and avant garde short films via their screenplays and related media of award winning visual storyteller David Leidy (Best Director, Best Film Noir, Best Cult Classic and Best Postmodern Film award winner).


Look through the lens of the storyteller himself by following him from early writing stages in preproduction to the final stages of postproduction, festival circuits and promotion with reviews, awards, permits, contracts, writer and director notes and so forth included throughout.


The end features an extended never before released article about the making of his film Atonia and how indie filmmakers with little to no experience can jumpstart their fully fledged careers as writers and directors.


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